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    Use Tibco JMS from JBoss 3.2.3

    Ken Kachnowich Newbie


      I am interested in accessing a Tibco JMS broker from an
      application running in JBoss. The notes that come with
      Tibco are for adding it to JBoss 3.0 Does anyone know if
      there are notes on adding Tibco to JBoss 3.2.3?

      Also, can I run JBossMQ JMS and still access Tibco or
      is this an either or deal?

      Sorry if I am not using the correct terms here, I have not
      worked with JMS much and not at all with Tibco yet.



        • 1. Re: Adding an RSS feed (block) to Nukes
          aoathout Newbie

          the mbean name was correctly changed. in his rss feed, the name is "nukes.blocks:name=rss,feed=slashdot.org", which is correct.

          i also don't think he's deploying the ear twice, he's just editting the jboss-service.xml file contained inside, however you are correct. he could just create an "rss-slashdot-service.xml" file that has his deployment descriptor in it and drop that in to the "nukes" directory.

          i would recommend changing the constructor argument to "false" so the block is not written to the database, shut down nukes, and clear out any rss information from the db and restart.

          if the problem still exists, i'll try to add some additional debug information to the module to help diagnos, but as i stated before, i cut and paste his exact xml block and it deployed and showed the correct feeds w/o issue.

          the nukes-rss.ear is pretty small - ageiron, could you email me the ear you created and i'll try it on my end.

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            Adrian Brock Master

            In what way do the 3.0 instructions not work in 3.2.3?
            It is no use reporting problems that don't exist.

            You can bind as many jms implementation's admin objects into jndi as you like.

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              Ken Kachnowich Newbie

              Hi Adrian,

              Sorry, I was not reporting a problem, just wanted to see if anyone had done this already and would be willing to share information.

              The JMS layout must have changed from 3.0 to 3.2.3 and the Tibco instructions don't apply %100 anymore. deploy/jms-service.xml looks like it is now deploy/jms/jms-ds.xml. I don't have the Tibco instructions here now, so I can't say what else may be different.

              I want to access a remote Tibco broker. Should I be searching the forums for JNDI binding rather then JMS?



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                Adrian Brock Master

                The configuration is largely the same with three main differences.

                1) The jms configuration has moved to the subfolder jms so you an easily delete jms
                from your server
                2) The file jbossmq-service.xml has been split up to more easily delete/replace
                components you are not using (see docs/examples/jms for alternates or the faq)
                3) The JmsXA connection factory is now deployed more simply using the jms-ds.xml