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    Communicating between two JBoss servers using JMS

    daaeqvale Newbie


      Have done:
      Built two applications deployed on the same JBoss server, which communicates with each other using JMS, and the default connectionFactory provided by JBoss. This works excelent!!

      Want to do:
      Deploy these two applications on two JBoss servers located on different locations. We have set up a sender on one computer and a receiver on the other, and using text and topic as the communication format and channel for sending messages.

      So far we have not been able to make this work. We tried to use a connectionFactory on both sides, but due to lack of JBoss configuration knowledge are we not able to work this out.

      Is there anybody out there.....
      that has examples or knowledge on how to do this.

      Thnx in advance...

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          haninaguib Newbie

          I have done that. I suspect the problem you are having has to do with how you located your topic/queue's jms factory.
          You need to create an appropriate InitialContext to do this lookup. In it
          you need to specify the InitialContext.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY and
          InitialContext.PROVIDER_URL (making sure it points to the correct server).

          Remember that when you are deploying these applications in separate servers they do not share their JNDI tree.