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    a4j:support not working with the selectManyPicklist control

    Joe Sage Newbie

      I'm using the selectManyPicklist and want to invoke a backer method when either the "available item list changes"(left list) or the "selected item list changes" (right list).
      I added an a4j:support tag (event=onchange) but the 'onchange' event is only triggered when on "click" on either the "available item list" or the "selected item list" not when the lists change??

      My goal is to reRender another selectManyPicklist (below the first one)based on the selections made in the first selectManyPicklist.

      I have tried the 'onclick, onkeyup, onmouseout' none of which produce the affect I'm looking for. The list in the second selectManyPicklist is modified but, only if you "click" on the one of the lists in the first control (after clicking on the > (add) or < (remove) buttons.

      Note: The second selectManyPickList is wrapped with an a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true"