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    messagecache and network failure

    John Fawcett Newbie


      I am running a jboss3.2.2 instance, with about 15 clients connecting to jbossmq. I am monitoring the number of messages in the cache using the messageCache MBean properties. In addition, I am monitoring the number of non-durable messages, and the number of subscribers, for each topic I use (there are about a dozen).

      If I abruptly interrupt the network connection for a client (e.g. unplug the network cable, or disable the network interface via the control panel), my client connection dies immediately. However, the number of subscribers on my topic list remains constant, and the number of messages on the topics and in cache continue to grow (if publishing continues).

      The only way to correct the problem is if I re-establish the jbossmq connection from the same client machine.

      Is there a portion of the configuration that governs how messages are held in cache? Is this a bug in 3.2.2?

      A serious complication to my question: I am connecting c# clients using csil (csil.sourceforge.net). I've found that I can recreate the problem if I close a connection without sending the ServerIL command "ConnectionClosing" with the current ConnectionToken. Apologies if this belongs in the dev list...