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    Redelivery of rollbacked Messages

    kovacevz Newbie


      after spending a couple of hours fiddling around on JMS redelivery I'm crying now out for help.

      How to force a message to be redelivered after a configuered timeout ?

      - JBoss 3.2.5
      - MessageDrivenBean (listens on durable queue, TX-Type: required)
      - FilePersistenceManager
      - add. attributes in jboss-mq-destinations-service.xml for my queue:
      RedeliveryDelay: 2000
      RedeliveryLimit: 10

      - calling MessageDrivenContext.setRollbackOnly()
      - throwing EJBException to force rollback

      None of these showed the expected behavior - although I can see in the
      debugger that the tx is really rollbacked.

      Any ideas?