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    speed up jms singleton failover

    Pucky Loucks Newbie

      Totally loving 3.2.4!!

      I've got a system with 12 servers with 3 cluster partitions, and I'm having a problem with the length of time it takes for the jms singleton to fail over in the main cluster.

      Cluster1 name "DefaultPartition" all works fine except the failover take about 2mins

      Cluster2 name "Pixpo2Partition" using load balanced MDB's (works perfect)

      Cluster3 name "Pixpo3Partition" also using load balanced MDB's (also works perfect)

      so here are my questions.

      1) is there a way to speed up the time it takes for the cluster to notice that the JMS Singleton isn't running anymore. Currently I'm shutting jboss down on server1 and the others don't notice, but after about 2mins it all kicks in.

      2) is it possible for me to change the PartitionName of Cluster1? I've tried to change this but I couldn't get the JMS singleton to work correctly. i.e. all calls to MDB's on the masternode would work, but calls to MDB's on other servers would fail trying to connect to the JMS Server.

      My system was using the java:/ConnectionFactory with 3.2.2 and Now I'm in Mid Upgrade to 3.2.4. I'm a little confused about what I need to change. I've read the wiki and FAQ. So.....

      3) To upgrade from the JVM way to connect in 3.2.2. all I have to do is get "XAConnectionFactory" via HAJNDI.... right?

      Thanks Hope someone can shead some light on me.