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    Scalable JMS cluster solution?

    wengatz_n Newbie

      in our project we have the requirement for a scalable asynchronous
      communication protocol. We started with evaluation of different JMS
      products (f.e. JBOSSMQ, SonicMQ, OpenJMS).

      We are happy with JBossMQ, we were able to send and receive about
      4000 msgs per second (topic with 40 subscribers) on one node. The next task is to improve the performance further by using a clustered environment.

      Therefore we performed some tests with a JBoss 3.2.5 cluster and found out that JMS is deployed as a HASingleton. That means we will get a reliable JMS solution but not a scalable solution with our cluster.

      And now my questions:

      Can this behavior be modified? If not are there plans to provide
      a scalable JMS cluster solution? In the JBoss 4 Roadmap I found the
      information that reliability has higher priority as scalability, but could you
      please give my an idea if and when we can expect a scalable JMS

      Thanks a lot and Best regards

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          Elias Ross Master

          It is somewhat scalable, as the processing per message can be done across all your nodes. The limitation is that the node acting as the server may not be able to serve messages fast enough to the client nodes. This may scale well enough for your application, especially because message processing time is often quite a bit longer than managing the message itself. If a message takes 100ms to process by the client and 10ms to handle by the server (persist, send over the socket, etc.) you can have one server serve 10 nodes.

          Unfortuantely, there is no active developer initiative at the moment to create a distributed solution, though JBoss 4 would likely help support such an architecture. Your thoughts are welcome on the developer forum.