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    how to use  jms resource adaptor dynamically?

    peter Apprentice


      In my application, there is one session bean which use several jms resource adapters to connect to different servers (because I would like to use the pooling functions of resource adapter. )

      However, when the system is running, it is required to add new connection to new installed server. So, it is needed to configure this session bean with new jms resource (This is the problem) like modifying ejb-jar.xml file and jboss.xml file.

      My Questioins are:

      (1)Is it possible to add new JMS Resource adapters by only adding new ....xml files?

      (2)If i can add new jms adapter, Is it possible to code the session bean to access the jndi directly to get the QueueConnectionFactory(E.g., java:/JmsXA instead of using UIL2ConnectionFactory) to get the newly deployed MANAGED connection factory?

      I know it is possible to add connection to new server if i use plain connection by employing UIL2ConnectionFactory. But then i cannot use the pooling feature. Especially, if there are 100 instances of this session bean in server A, each of then create an connection, then there are 100 plain connections. I think it is too expensive. (am i right?)

      Any Idea?