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    Make JMS-Client-Singleton-MBean resumes after HAJMS resumes

    Chen Wang Newbie


      I have serveral Singleton-Mbeans working as Senders or Consumers for the HAJMS queues in jboss 3.2.5 cluster environment. When the master jboss is shutdown, at the second jboss, all my MBean masters resume before the JMS queues resume and XAConnectionFactory's jNDI can be found. this brings problems for my MBeans to start because meantime the JMS queus has not been resumed.

      Another problem is that in a bare jboss cluster ( without any application deployed ), HAJMS resumes in about 2 minutes, but, with my MBeans deployed, the whole cluster takes about 10 minutes to recover. I tried several ways to speed up my MBeans resumeing process, ie. launching single thread in startSingleton() in my MBeans to do real start job, There is no good effect.

      I hope with my MBeans depoyed, the cluster can be resumes in less than 5 minutes.

      My questiones:
      1 Is it possible to configure jboss to change the resume order, I means, HAJMS resuming goes first, then user servicees go to resume. I guess maybe i should use the dependce, but I don't know how to do it. Depends on which service of jboss.mq?

      2 If the Question 1 is impossibel, is there a way shorten the cluster-resuming-time?

      Thanks in advanced.