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    How to support Big5 char set with JBossMQ

    albren Newbie


      I have a client application that can connect and send messages to a remote JBossMQ Server. This client application acts or serves as conduit between an application written in C++ and the JBoss.

      My problem is that the C++ app send big5 string message to my jms client application. Then my jms client app sends to the JBossMQ Server.
      My client jms app just receives the message in big5 and just send it right away. But when our MDB gets this message from the queue it is no longer in big5 format.

      Where did I go wrong? Do I need to set or configure something in the server PC where my jms client is located? Our server is Linux and we already placed the lang support to big5. Also, all jboss client jars used for jms are already installed.

      Please help me on this.