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    Filtering messages (not in MDB)

    dzerzhinsky Newbie

      Could someone tell me how can I provide message filtering in simple JMS client. I don't need to create MDB.
      For purposes of clearness I need to mention my problem more in detail.
      I have session bean that performs operation such as creating, removing and updating of entity beans, it sends JMS messages in topic when one of this events performed. And I have some kind of cache on client side that listens for this messages and updates data. But I don't need cache to
      listern JMS messages when client, on which side cache is deployed, is initiator of session bean operations. I suggest to define property "ClientID" to messages and to filter this messages via ConnectionConsumer on client side. I've desided to pass this "ClientID" when call session bean methods.
      As for me, this sheme isn't so bad, but problem is to create ConnectionConsumer, I need instance of ServerSessionPool, but where can I get it?

      If you understood my thoughts, please help me.
      P.S> I've looked through MBean with declaration of StdJMSPool but it doesn't allow to define any JNDI name to access it in client.

      Oleg F. Yavorsky