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    Local MDBs in a cluster

    Tarek Hammoud Novice


      We are trying to create a two node cluster. The nodes listen on
      a non-JMS external event source (Trades processing) and convert the event to a
      local JMS queue. A local MDB, listens on that queue. When the local
      message is processed (positions updated), a message is posted to a
      topic that is meant for all. I will name that topic, POSITIONS_UPDATED_TOPIC.

      In the cluster, we do not want the non-master to publish on the
      POSITIONS_UPDATED_TOPIC. This can be done by checking an mbean
      property. No problems anticipated here. The issue that we have, is
      that the MDBs are only active on one node of the cluster at any one

      We want the POSITIONS_UPDATED_TOPIC to failover, which it does. But we
      also want the MDBs to be created on both nodes of the cluster. Any
      help will be greatly appreciated.

      We are using 3.2.5 on Linux.

      Thank you very much,

      T. Hammoud
      Ritchie Capital Management