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    persistance messages are deleted after restarting jboss

    Thilina Anjitha Newbie

      I'm writing an application which needs persistance for messages in a queue. I use both file and Rollinglogged persistance managers to acieve this. Both methods works fine and store the messages in a given directory when the jboss server shutdown. But when a jboss starts and if I send a new message to a queue, then the stored messages in the persistance directory are dissapears. They are also not received by the receiver.

      1) Where are these messages gone? (I use permant "queue/testQueue" to store messages)

      2) If the message is persistance, then are we needs to write a program to send it to the receiver OR the queue server handle the sending of meessages to receiver? (In the case of Jboss shutdown abd restarting)

      3) Durable subscriptions are posible for Topics. Is durable subscriptions support for queues? If so how can it handle?

      4) Temporary queues can't handle persistance. So If I needs to create queues at run time, then how can I achiieve the persistance?

      Thnaks in advanced for any help,