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    JBoss+WSMQ - connection to queue is closed after several hou

    Piotr Piastucki Newbie


      I encountered the following problem in JBoss 3.2.5 :
      There are 2 WS queues (only the first one is in fact in use) and a singleton MDB per queue. After JBoss is started there are 3 open conenctions (I used netstat to find out the number of sockets) per each queue and everything works fine. JBoss receives and processes messages from the first queue perfectly. But after a few hours (usually 4-5) one connection to the first queue is closed without any reason and JBoss ceases to receive any new messages. There is neither any warning nor error in server logs and of course JBoss does not try to reconnect. It just silently stops receiving any messages. The only way to find out that something is wrong on JBoss side is to run netstat and discover that there are only 2 open sockets to the first queue.
      If JBoss is restarted everything works fine again.... unfortunately only for several hours :(
      Is it a bug in JBoss ? Or maybe in WSMQ libs ? Does it have something to do with the number of queues configured in jms-ds.xml ?
      Did someone encounter the same problem ?

      Thanks for any help.