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    Lost or forgotten messages in queue

    Jan Bischoff Newbie


      using JBoss 3.0.5 in production we have a problem concerning messages which are physically present in the queue (db/jbossmq/file/Q_xxx), however the client is unable to receive some of them. Eg. there are 10 messages/files in the queue, but only some of them (some of the newer ones) get delivered. When we check the attribute QueueDepth of the StateManager MBean it says that QueueDepth is 5 even though it should be 10, right?!

      Is there a quick way to fix this in 3.0.5? Trying to redeploy the queue or touching the messages in the queue yielded no results. The messages are stuck in the queue so to speak. Unfortunately we can't upgrade to a newer release of JBoss where this bug might be resolved.

      Thanks a lot!