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    jms hangs by a large number of messages

    awg Newbie


      I am trying to send over 20.000 messges to a jms-client (p2p) with the UILConnectionFactory.
      The clients select the messages with jms mesage selector from one queue. Each message is a text message.
      Alle the messages are sending by the same connection and session.
      The problem I have is that the Client not received all messages from jboss.
      The Client hangs after sending ~ 8000 messages but jboss send all the 20.000 messages whith no error.
      On the client is no error output too. A look into the jmx-console show me, that the messages
      stay in queue.

      Any ideas what is going wrong?
      Are there misconfiguration in my settings?

      I use boss releas 3.0.0. The QueueSender is configured as follows:
      - jmsDeliveryMode = DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT
      - jmsExpiration = 0
      The PingPeriod is adjusted to 60000.

      Any help is appreciated.