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    Durable Topic Question

    Soeren Hartvig Newbie

      Hi there

      I'm currently working on a notification framework for healthcare systems, which means that every single workstation in combination with a user, shall have a DurableTopic listener. This means a whole lot DurableTopics subscribers with unique names.

      I'm currently thinking about the architecture of this, and I'm afraid it will cause performance bottlenecks.

      Does any of you tried something similar, or have ideas to different solution scenarios.

      The problem as I see it is that the subscribers have to be uniquely named, since a message is typically sent to a user/application not a defined workstation, but two workstations can be used at the same time with the same user/application, and therefore giving naming problems, making a more specific name of the subscription needed (for example the workstation IP).

      The best could be, if you could join a subscription already made.

      thanks, anyone that can give me some thoughts to this..