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    Seam + JBossAS + Ajax4JSF in IE6/7?

    Twar pretry Newbie

      Hi, I've met issue on using Ajax4JSF in my application.

      I have a parent page with several popup pages. When I have those A4J tags on the popup pages, it could cause the browser to be no responding.

      for instance, open up Page A, click on button from Page A to popup PagePopup A.1, close the popup, click on the button from Page A to popup PagePopup A.1 again, and close it then, on 3rd time opening up the Popup page, the entire application seems to be no responding anymore, just a blank page, the server has no log either; If I open up another IE and go to the application, it works again, only If I open the popup page more than 2 times, the same scenario happened again for that browser (IE).

      Anyone could enlighten me what is the problem? Am I did something wrong?

      Do you need more information from that? Or do you understand me?

      Thanks a lot for you help.