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    how to Config The JBoss4.0  Provider_Url  ?

    wang xiaolin Newbie

      I want to connect to a Jboss Jms queues ,send and receive the Message from the queues ,

      I config the Jboss at ip:, I can send and receive message on the same machine ..
      but how can I do this at another machine ?
      when I run the program ,the error is :

      javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table]
      at org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext.lookup(NamingContext.java:647)
      at org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext.lookup(NamingContext.java:507)
      at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(Unknown Source)
      at com.fiosysj.gateway.himawari.Testjms.TestConnectJMS.(TestConnectJMS.java:29)
      at com.fiosysj.gateway.himawari.Testjms.TestConnectJMS.main(TestConnectJMS.java:10)
      Caused by: java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table
      at sun.rmi.transport.StreamRemoteCall.exceptionReceivedFromServer(Unknown Source)
      at sun.rmi.transport.StreamRemoteCall.executeCall(Unknown Source)
      at sun.rmi.server.UnicastRef.invoke(Unknown Source)
      at org.jnp.server.NamingServer_Stub.lookup(Unknown Source)
      at org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext.lookup(NamingContext.java:528

      My program :

      Properties properties = new Properties();
      properties.put(Context.URL_PKG_PREFIXES, "org.jboss.namingrg.jnp.interfaces");
      properties.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "jnp://");

      ctx = new InitialContext(properties);

      myQConnFactory = (QueueConnectionFactory) ctx

      myQueue = (Queue) ctx.lookup("queue/PmsOrderQueue");

      ctx.bind("SimpleSed21", myQueue);

      I am beginner of jboss , I can not find any useful document ...
      I found some content on jboss 3.2. , but JBoss4.0 is deferent ...
      could you tell me how to config the JBoss4.0 Server ?
      thank you very much ..