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    Message Driven Bean and SOAP

    roger day Newbie

      I've using a MDB to initiate SOAP calls though to a SOAP server, which is in turn a wrapper around a legacy service.

      The first call is fine, but the second call gets refused - by a Socket exception.

      This isn't the perl, for once, as I run two sets of tests: one with the MDB as proxy and one without. The one without the MDB proxy (using straight SOAP from java) always succeeds on the second call. So, I think the problem points at a MDB lifecycling problem that's effecting the java socket libraries. AT this point I'm a bit stumped so anything would be helpful.

      I'm using Apache SOAP 2.3.1. Has anyone used SOAP in this manner? Has anyone come across this problem with sockets used alongside of Jboss?