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    JMS bridge between Jboss and Weblogic

    Andrés Pedrera Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      We're trying to put together Jboss and WebLogic queues using Weblogic Bridge. Did anybody do this successfully?. Everything is working fine with bridges that passes messages from jboss to weblogic, but the inverse sense generates transactionality troubles (bridge push message into jboss queue, jboss accept it, but then bridge detect some error and rollsback --but jboss doesn't--, so message still remains in weblogic queue and a few seconds later bridge try to push it into jboss queue, and so on). The result of all of this is that messages are continously pushed in jboss queue and never disappears from weblogic queue.

      I've been searching for similar troubles but it seems that nobody is using bridges between jboss and weblogic. When I tried to find some simple bridge to install at jboss side (as an alternative to weblogic bridge), I realized that there's nothing at all. There are products like JORAM, SwiftMQ, etc, but all as standalone JMS products, not just a simple bridge to deploy inside jboss. At least, I've not found something similar, maybe I'm not a good watcher ;-))

      Any help will be welcome and useful.

      Best regards,

      Andres Pedrera.