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    Creating queues in jbossmq-1.0.0Beta

    Thilina Anjitha Newbie

      I have work with Jboss and there queue server. Now I'm developing an application which uses a queue server. But we can't use Jboss Application server only as a queue server, because our main application is run on a another different application server. If I use Jboss as for a queue server then it will become an overhead. Therefore I have downloaded jbossmq-1.0.0Beta. Using bossmq-1.0.0Beta I can send and receive messages from the queue, but I also need to create queues programatically. For the Jboss thing I use following sample code for create queues programaticallty at run time.


      But it uses Mbean server to create queues at run time which comes with Jboss. But with bossmq-1.0.0Beta there is no Mbean server. Then how can I create queues programaticallly at run time?
      Can anybody send me any reference site for me? Or any suggestion for this.

      Thanks in advanced for any help