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    MDBs and Transactions

    Paul Smith Newbie


      I posted this to the Beginners forum but with no reply, so I'm trying here too. I realise that cross-posting is frowned upon, but I need an answer!

      I have an MDB listening on a topic. I start a bean-managed transaction within the bean. Let's say that whilst the transaction is executing, another message arrives on the topic.

      Will the container create another (or use another pooled) instance of the MDB to handle the message?

      If it does, will the container allow the 2nd instance to start a transaction whilst the first transaction is still active?

      Had I been using container managed transactions, would the answers to the above two questions be different?

      Slightly unrelated, how can I see the number of instances of each bean pooled by the container at any given time? I have looked in the JMX console but I can't find it.