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    IMB MQ Alternative

    Nick Clarke Newbie

      MQ Alternative:


      I came across JBoss some time ago but forgot all about it as I didn't have the time to play. I have now however a requirement at work for some kind of message que (MQ), as we plan to send xml messages from the a web site on one machine to a back-end database on a different machine (will collect the message automatically).

      So I guess my question is does anyone know if JBoss could be an alternative for IBM's MQ (which we are currently looking at BUT scared because of the cost) and if not are there any other alternatives out there that you might have come across.

      NOTE: As this will be used in a production environment we need guarantied delivery e.g. For IBM's MQ means 2 servers, 1 running on each box.

      Thanks in Advance,

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          Elias Ross Master

          I'm not sure what your goals are. Are you saying you're sending messages from a web server to a back-end database? Why wouldn't your web server just update the database itself?

          In any case, take a look at the Wiki: http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossMQ

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            Nick Clarke Newbie

            Thanks for your reply.

            I do not have direct access to this database, as it is not my main DB.

            My goal is to be able to put a message onto a que (from my web server) and then allow it is be picked up by a custom server running on the database machine.

            This is where IBM's MQ would come in as it would guarantee the delivery + collection and will allow me to wait until I get a response etc...

            MQ Server1 <------------------------ Custom Server Process (Database)
            (Web Server)

            And I was wondering if JBoss could do this instead of me having to buy a IBM MQ licence, which costs a lot!!!


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              Elias Ross Master

              Here's my first stab at designing such a thing:

              1. Create a JBoss server on the database side. Create a queue and MDB. Have the JMS messages in the queue go into your database, not HSQLDB.

              Currently, you need an JDBC XA datasource (e.g. Oracle, DB/2) to do 2-phase commit. Other DBs would work, but you may not have 100% transaction integrity.

              2. You can deploy Tomcat or JBoss on the webserver side. Either way, it needs to be same version. Connect to the queue on the back-end. Use a temporary queue to get your ack. message back.

              3. Fire away.

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                Nick Clarke Newbie

                Cheers for your reply.

                I think that I will just have to give JBoss a try and see whether or not it works for me. So I guess reading all of the documentation will get me off to a good start :) at least something to read while on the train to work.

                All I need to make sure is that JBoss allows me to:

                a: Let me put a message on a queue and then wait for a reply (real-time).
                b: Put a message on the queue and not wait e.g. no reply needed.
                c: Put a message on a queue and then for a action to be performed e.g. send an email, sms (to the specified problem, within the message) etc...

                From what I have read so far JBoss looks like a really cool project.