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    How to setup JBoss for JMS (not MDB-JMS)  ?

    thoste Newbie

      Sorry for this newbie question:
      But how do I setup JBoss for JMS ?

      Be aware that I don't want to create a MessageDrivenBean MDB
      but a simple producer and a simple consumer class.
      In some tutorial it is said that this scenario requires to start the J2EE server with

      j2eeadmin -addJmsDestination MyQueue queue

      and to list all available Jms Queues by

      j2eeadmin -listJmsDestination

      But these commands seems to focus on the Sun Web Server.
      How to I write those commands under JBoss?

      Is there a way to setup a JMS queue from java or do I have to change
      a XML property file?