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    load balancing MDB in 3.2.6

    tomdee Newbie

      there's an article on WIKI that talks about load balancing MDB in 3.2.4RC2.


      as well as an excerpt from a post in the forums (posted by jason@cdot)


      I'm using 3.2.4RC2 (April 13th drop), which according to Adrian doesn't have load-balancing capabilities for MDBs across a cluster. So, I thought I'd post my solution for load-balanced, fault-tolerant MDBs that use the new HA-JMS in a cluster.

      Does what Jason proposed still apply for 3.2.6 or has 3.2.6 incorporated this?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Reread Jason's thread.

          He is talking about load balancing work across multiple clients (MDBs)
          where the clients pulls messages from a queue. This has always been supported
          by JBossMQ. It is called contested queues in the spec.

          Not load balancing the destinations on the server (which is not support by JBossMQ),
          i.e. a single client can pull messages from a queue regardless of which server it

          The advantage jboss-3.2.4 has (and it is the real point of Jason's thread)
          is the failover of the JMS server to a different machine in the cluster
          after the original crashes. Also called HAJMS.

          Jason's JMSProvider on the WIKI doesn't work correctly. As the WIKI says,
          use the hajndi version that comes with JBoss in the all configuration.
          It was enhanced with my suggestions from Jason's thread in 3.2.4.