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    Persistence - control the marking of messages to be deleted

    flindet Newbie


      Is there any way to control when a message gets marked for deletion in JBoss 4.0's persistent JMS? When my MDB reads a message from the persistent topic, the message seems to be immediately marked for deletion and deleted. (Right now the MDB is the only thing subscribed to the topic.)

      This is probably perfect behavior for most systems, but I would like the message to stay on the topic until I mark it for deletion. It is possible that the MDB could read the message causing the message to be deleted, and then the system could crash before the MDB passes the message over the network to the client. Because of my critical need for persistence, I can't take that risk.

      I've been trying for several days now to go through the online JBoss and Sun J2EE documentation. I'm pretty new to Java and J2EE, so please forgive me if I'm overlooking something obvious. Can anyone help me out? Or point me in the right direction for what configuration I should be reading about? Maybe I could code something myself instead of using JMS, but I hate to reinvent the wheel when programmers far better than I have likely already done this in J2EE.

      We're in the process of purchasing JBoss support, but a headstart from people in the public forums would be appreciated.