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    Transaction issue when updating entity value

    Vinicius Carvalho Newbie

      Hi there! I have a solution implemented in our system that flows like this:

      A JMS message is sent to create an email account for the user.
      The MDB receives that message and then on its onMessage() method, it calls a session bean
      process() method.

      The session beans, creates the account through a pojo command class (connecting on our mail system through rExec)
      and then the session beans, acquires a handle for an local entity bean and updates a flag on
      the entity.

      Now here's the problem. It's not updating the entity value.
      the code that tries to do this:

      if (!emailUsuarioDTO.getAcao().equalsIgnoreCase("remover")) {
      System.out.print("atualizando status");
      Usuario usuario = usuarioHome.findByPrimaryKey(emailUsuarioDTO.getIdUsuario());
      usuario.setFlgEmail(new Boolean(true));
      System.out.print("status atualizado");

      What's even stranger, the first system.out is printed on the screen while the other isn't.

      I have postgreSQL configured to hold my message queues on jboss.
      A warning is beeing displayed for me:

      13:48:37,316 WARN [TxConnectionManager] Prepare called on a local tx.
      Use of local transactions on a jta transaction with more than one branch may result in
      inconsistent data in some cases of failure.

      Well, now the part I really don't understand. If I debug the project, it does updates the value
      seems like that if it stops on a break-point it has "time" to process.

      I really don't undersand xa/local-tx connnections. But our datasource is configured as local-tx

      Can someone please help me?