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    Application dependant JBossMQ configuration - best practice

    Grzegorz Głowaty Newbie

      Let's say I've got the following situation.
      I got many applications deployed on JBoss 4.0, some of them use different datasources. Each of them has it's own security configuration done in login-config.xml using it's own tables with users and passwords in apropriate database. So far it's quite easy.

      Now let's assume I'd like to configure JMS used by application (application specific queues, db-storage for database) on the application level so different applications will store their messages in different dbs and will have different users. I can do some by extending Standard Message Driven Bean container configuration and define new proxy binding for it with new dead letter queue, I can also deploy queues along with the application. But is it a correct way of doing things (to create different DestinationManager, SecurityManager per application). What about Invoker?

      What would you suggests in my situation. Is there an easy solution to this problem?