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    Invalid receiver for TemporaryQueue, violates spec

    ericjkaplan Newbie

      We have been using JBoss for quite a while and encourage our customers to use it. We are troubled though by something in 3.2.3 that seems to violate the JMS spec regarding TemporaryQueue. We have two vms, A and B. VM A creates a TemporaryQueue which it then becomes a consumer of. It then tells VM B about the same TemporaryQueue, who then becomes a consumer of the Queue and receives messages from it as well. We use filters such that A and B will filter out their own messages. I won't get into why we are doing this here, suffice it to say that JBoss allows us to do this and the code works.

      However, we just did a deployment to WebLogic and the same thing fails. VM B gets an error saying invalid destination for temporary queue (I'm paraphrasing). When we looked into this, the error is valid, since the javadoc (and therefor the spec) says for a TemporaryQueue:

      "A TemporaryQueue object is a unique Queue object created for the duration of a Connection. It is a system-defined queue that can be consumed only by the Connection that created it. "

      Is this something you folks are aware of? Has it been addressed?