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    JBossMQ performance

    Armenio Pinto Newbie

      Hi there,

      We're currently having some problems with JBossMQ in terms of scalability in the number of messages. Our application has an operation cicle of one hour; if all work is done before the hour ends, then the application stays in an idle state.

      The MDB is slower consuming the messages from the topic than the other application producing them; so, the topic starts accumulating messages. This MDB can have 30 instances, and I can see them being used in the begining of the operation, when the topic has no messages accumulated.

      But when the messages start to accumulate, only one or two instances of the MDB are created... And the system gets slower and slower, going well after the hour. Is this caused by any wrongly configured parameter, or is it that JBossMQ can't distribute the messages at a sufficient high rate?

      Also, I got to the conclution that JBossMQ performance doesn't follow a liner relationship with the number of messages. In fact, we noticed that a 30% increase in messages has a 50% decrease in performance.

      Is there anything we can do besides switching from JBossMQ to another implementation? Thanks in advance,

      We're using JBoss version 3.2.3 and the topic is non-durable.

      Arménio Pinto

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          Armenio Pinto Newbie

          Hi there,

          This performance issue is preventing us from delivering the system to the client. Can anyone, please, give us a hand or some hint? Thanks in advance,

          Arménio Pinto

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            Luc Texier Apprentice

            Everyone is willing to help you out but so far we don't know much about your application.

            What are you doing with the messages? R you running a long lasting job or something? Are you accessing a database?

            R you seeing major garbage collections? Anything interesting in the log?

            OS? hardware? memory configuration?

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              flindet Newbie

              Hi. I'm a newbie to JBoss (well, J2EE for that matter), so please forgive me if you've already tried this.

              In the jmx-console, under jboss.j2ee, you can play with the minimum and maximum number of MDBs. Can you try increasing those to see if that makes any difference? Unfortunately, I haven't found how to make this change permanent, but at least this would give us some idea if the number of MDB instances is the bottleneck.

              Also, you can increase the maximum memory used by JBoss in bin/run.conf. This could potentially improve performance a bit as well.

              I hope that helps.