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    Client disconnection from Windows and Linux

    Marcelo Klein Newbie

      Hi, I have a Swing client that connects using JMS to a sever (Linux) running JBoss4.
      I'm using a firewall to make the clients detect a connection exception and reconnect.
      When the client reconnects, theres an MDB in the server that sends a message to a temporary queue where the client was registered before the conection was broken.
      If the server can succesfully send a message to the temporary queue, the client is not allowed to log-in, and if it fails the client ends the login.
      I have tested it in Linux and works fine... the server can never send a message to the client, and throws a client not connected exception.
      In windows, the server can send a message to the client without problems. I cannot understand why, due to the broken connection.

      I want to make clear that I configured the uil2-service.xml, so we have a PingPeriod = 0, and a ReadTimeout = 70000.

      If anybody understands what is happening... please tell me.. I've been debuggin for two days to get to this conclusion that the difference may be in the OS.