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    JMS Cannot authenticate user ERROR


      hi all,

      i am getting the occasional 'Cannot authenticate user' from a MessageBriveBean. The authenitication system is working fine. At this stage i am think the error is being produce when the system is under load, both memory and CPU.

      org.jboss.mq.SpyJMSException: Cannot authenticate user; - nested throwable: (java.net.SocketException: Socket closed)

      I have located the JBOSS source code where the exception is being generated in the org.jboss.mq.Connection class.

      Any ideas on how to correct the problem with code or config are most appreciated!

      * Authenticate a user
      * @param userName the user
      * @param password the password
      * @throws JMSException for any error
      protected void authenticate(String userName, String password) throws JMSException
      if (trace)
      log.trace("Authenticating user " + userName + " " + this);
      sessionId = serverIL.authenticate(userName, password);
      catch (JMSException ex)
      throw ex;
      catch (Exception e)
      throw new SpyJMSException("Cannot authenticate user", e);

      many thanks