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    MDB processing is sleeping for ten minutes (transaction time



      I am running an application based on jboss 3.2.6 which is being tested by now. The following behaviour has occured, while testing:

      a Singleton MDB (

      Auto-acknowledge,nonDurable,transaction-type = "Container",ejb.transaction type="Required"
      ) is listening to a queue, on the other side an entity bean's ejbStore method is putting messages to the queue every 15 seconds. This works synchronously for some time, but aftet a while the MDB stops for 10 minutes (which is the configured transaction timeout) to receive messages. After the 10 minutes, the MDB continues receiving messages. No Exception was thrown!

      Who knows an explanation for this behaviour?

      PS: JMS is using the oracle-jdbc3-service

      Stefan Heckler