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    Simple question about Remote Topic

    Angelo Immediata Newbie

      Hi all; i have this scenario:
      I want that several MDBs are listening on a remote and durable topic; now by following tips in the wiky tutorial i have been able to do this; now i have this problem: if i have one MDB all works fine and all is deployed successfully; if i have two o more MDBs i have an error in deployment; it seems to me that this error is due to the fact that there are two or more MDBs that have tha same subscriptionId and that are listening on the same topic... the question i want to do is: can i use a unique MDB (that is a unique .class file, jboss.xml and ejb-jar.xml file )for more than one pc?Or must i change for every one the subscriptionId and the clientId in the jboss.xml file?
      Thanks to all