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    JMS & SSL Problems

    Goncalo Santos Newbie


      I am trying to develop an application and I?m using JBoss-4.0.0 and JMS. I had read some information in the wiki but I didn?t understand everything:


      I already create a test.keystore but I don?t know where to put the code described in 2., 3. and 4.

      What file do I change and add a security domain?

      Where to put the code to HTTPSUIL2ConnectionFactory ?

      Can I add the properties like this? ( In the class where i create the InitialContext)


      Or I have to create a file to put these properties? And what file and where too put it?

      I already developed part of my application and I want to change the way it send JMS messages to go over SSL.

      Does everything I have to change in my application resumes to what is described in the wiki?

      Thanks a lot for your answers.