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    JMS usage over WAN?

    John Fleig Newbie

      I've searched around on the forums and have found bits and pieces of information about various people attempting this. Where the problem is that applications work fine on the lan, but once you move the clients outside, everything seems to hang. For use of JMS with jboss, is it possible to change the configuration to use the http tunneling approach? If so, what needs to be changed on the client, server, and jboss?


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          Marco Newbie

          Hello David,

          I'm also interrested in using http tunneling for JMS.

          If you have some information about that, could you please provide it to me?

          Thanks in advance

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            huy Newbie

            i hava a project using jms over firewall, so can you show me the information
            for using. Current, I am using third party library : jproxy . That is a free product, but it can only send messagesings one way . The commercial product can send and receive at one. So i don't want use jproxy. Can you show me other way to send messagesings over firewall. Thanks :-) !!!!

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              Adrian Brock Master

              The free admin docs explain JNDI over HTTP and the wiki has information
              on configuration of the HTTPConnectionFactory.

              You'll also find this discussed in many other previous threads.

              The posts are redundant and unhelpful to the original poster.