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    Topics unavailable after DS deconnection

    ionel Newbie


      Here is my problem :
      I have a few topics which authentication and messages persistancy is done thru a Postgres DB connection.

      PostgresDS deployment and topics deployment depends on each other.

      Yesterday, the DB connection dropped because of a wild DB restart.

      When the DB was up again, the topics were unavailables.

      I 'touch'ed the postgres-ds.xml file so it gets redeployed again.
      The topics were still unavailable.

      Do you know if this is a common behavior ?
      How to make all this stuff (JMS topics and DataSource connection) working in an "autorecovery" mode so the topics are up-and-available again as soon as the DS is reconnected ?
      Have I missed something in the DS configuration or in the topics declarations ?

      Thanks for your help,