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    Where is my TopicConnectoinFactory?

    George Berish Novice


      I am running simple client application which sends commands to queues and
      receives replays back using temporary queues. When I didn't use
      authentication things were fine. After while I have configured one particular
      queue to respond only to the user with particular role. I have placed relevant
      information in JBoss config files and initialised connection with .createQueueConnection(user,password). Well, I am able to lookup destination queue but when I want to create temporary queue I get: JMSSecurity Exception: Connection not authorized to subscribe to destination:

      How to tell JBOSS MQ not to use authorization for temporary queues? Why temporary queues require authorization in the first place? Side issue is why each time I create temporary queue I get new queue with new numerical lablel even though only I am using JBoss server at the time? What happens with those queues when I close connection?

      A lot of questions but I could not find answers anywhere. From my experience the subject of securing detination is not described well enough in the "JBoss Administration and Developement Third Edition (3.2.x Series)". For example even though I've placed appropriate entries into
      users.properties and roles.properties in ../server/default/conf only after
      placing them in jbossmq-state.xml it worked. On the other hand placing my password there is not the best option is it?

      I use JBOSS 3.2.1 on Solaris. I will appreciate if someone will post the answers for my questions.

      By the way can one create destinations from remote location i.e. not from computer where JBoss server is running. I am playing now with sending HTTP requests to JMX-Console. Is there better way that will be described somwhere?

      I will appreciate any pointers. Will I get those answers if I subscribe to full
      JBoss documentation? At the momemt I have only above mentioned "JBoss Administration and ..."