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    Problem retrieving messages for MDB Example 6.6

    Yong Leong Cheng Newbie

      I was working on the "example 6.6: A text message processing MDB". I failed to receive the any of the send messages from the Queue (i.e in this case "Queue/A").

      I package the class file of code example 6.6, ejb-jar.xml in example 6.7 and jboss.xml in example 6.8 as textMDB.jar and copy to JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy and start the server. I create the client as indicated in example 6.9. When I run the client code. It hangs after the statement "End sendRecvAsync"

      I have checked the log file. It didn't show any error.

      Please advise. Thank you
      Yong Leong