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    JMS- or MBD- Tutorial

    Mathias Buchallik Newbie

      hello all,

      I use jboss as an Application Server. I`ve already write Session- and EntityBeans and also an Eclipse Client.

      Now I want to notify my Client if something has happend in the SessionBean. For that I searched many Forums and I find out that I have to use one of the following:
      - JMS
      - MDB
      - Queue

      I worked a little with an Queue, until I found out that I can only notify one client. So I think I have to use one of the other.
      But for them I did not find an Tutorial or an example, which explain the whole story, most of them say: "This is for MBD so the JMS will not completly be explained" or something like this.

      So I hope someone of you could give a Link to an full explained Tutorial.

      thanks in advance
      Mathias Buchallik