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    Does JBoss JMS scale sufficiently to allow many simultaneous

    Ken Hohl Newbie

      Does 3.2.x thread usage on Win2k scale when there are many clients connected? Our application uses Stateless Session EJBs and JMS. Each client upon login creates both JMS queue and topic connections, then creates a temporary JMS queue to receive messages sent to it by the application running in JBoss. It also subscribes to a couple of JMS topics that are published to by the app in JBoss.

      I'm connecting 50 clients to JBoss, and the JBoss thread count is over 400. I've seen the same with both 3.2.3 and 3.2.6. Is this situation the same in 4.0.1?

      This is a problem for us because we need to be able to connect many more than 50 clients to a single JBoss instance.

      As a means of comparison, I was able to connect 150 clients to this same application running on WebLogic 6.1 and the WebLogic thread count was only 300.

      I can't even attempt to connect 150 clients to JBoss without getting an O/S error indicating no more native threads can be created. When I connect about 120 clients, the process is unable to do much of anything useful in a timely manner presumably because the O/S is having trouble managing all those threads.

      Can someone tell me if this problem is resolved in 4.0.1, or if there is some configuration parameter I can change so fewer threads are used?

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          Elias Ross Master

          Linux has a much higher limit than Windows, especially on 64 bit machines. Because of addressing issues in Linux, 32 bit machines may run out of memory with thousands of threads before the thread count limit is reached.

          I don't know if there is a way to reduce the number of threads without redesigning the JMS server. There may be a way to optimize your situation using a configuration setting. Adrian?