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    message router multiple queues being routed

    Neil Davis Newbie

      Can someone point me in the right direction to find advice on patterns for the following?

      I have a message router pattern built.

      he does a:

      [frontend queue] -- [firewall]--- [message selecter mdb] ---[queue 1] -- [mdb]
       \--[queue 2] -- [mdb]
       \--[queue 3] -- [mdb]

      what I need to do now is connect the message selecter to a second frontend queue in a different dmz. We are adding a second data center. Same applications etc, just more servers. The second DMZ has no connection to first... so front end webservers cannot drop messages in the original frontend queue. Same applications, same job etc, 2 locations out front.

      Is there an easy way to have a single backend message router instance mapped into 2 remote queues without duplicating the message selector to simply use a different invoker-proxy-binding for the second instance?

      I am trying to avoid having 2 copies of my selector running, and instead, through some configuration magic, pull from queues in both dmzs:

      [frontend queue dmz1] -- [firewall]--- [message selecter] ---[queue 1] -- [mdb]
       / \--[queue 2] -- [mdb]
       / \--[queue 3] -- [mdb]
      [frontend queue dmz2] -- [firewall]


      Any help from one of you JMS gurus would be greatly appreciated.