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    How can I generate JSF UI components ASYNCHRONOUSLY on a jsf

    Shiva Shankar K Newbie

      Hi Everybody,

      I started reading into JBoss's RichFaces & Ajax4jsf which is now part of the later. I have the follwoing task to do :-

      Scenario :
      I have a menu with several links. When I click on one of the links, say for example 'Create New User' link, I have to get the page loaded ASYNCHRONOUSLY (i.e. through Ajax) with all the JSF UI components related to New User Creation and these components should be bound to the Managed Beans as usual.

      Does anybody have sample code or links to any tutorials where in JSF input elements are generated ASYNCHRONOUSLY on a jsp/jsf page using Ajax4jsf?

      Can we use it to generate all the JSF input elements (like h:inputText, h:inputTextArea, h:inputSecret, h:selectOneMenu, h:selectManyListbox, etc...) ASYNCHRONOUSLY?

      Can anybody help me with resources related to this?