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    Some questions Remote JMS queue and provider

    Angelo Immediata Newbie

      Hi all. I have two question by hoping that someone will answer to me :-).

      I want to connect my client to a remote JMSProvider that is located on a linux pc; now after some time i have seen that in order all works (also thanks to wiki tips) i must configure the hosts file on linux pc... now let's suppose i can't modify his file.... how could i have the same result?

      In order we can connect to a remote JMSProvider we must use a MBean and we must creat the .sar file in which i the file jboss-service.xml we insert the IPAddress or the name of the host where to connect..... well if i want a dinamic configuration how could i do?
      I'll try be clearer..... let's suppose that i don't know where is my remote JMS provider... i must recover it's IP-address from database.... is it possible a thing like this? In order to do this thin must i extends the org.jboss.jms.jndi.JMSProviderLoader class?
      Thanks to all.... nice sunday.