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    Problem with connection to DB

    Gianni Gianni Newbie

      Good Morning,
      i have a big problem during the connection to two DB Oracle.
      I'm making a program that transfer data from a DB oracle to other DB. I open two connection for read data (first connection) and write to other external DB (second connection). During the elaboration there aren't error, but when my software finish the transfer, jboss write on my console this warning:

      "Prepare called on a local tx. Use of local transactions on a jta transaction with more than one branch may result in inconsistent data in some cases of failure."

      I must to say that the data was transfer correctly, but i don't understand this warning.

      is this message an error? How i can solve this problem?
      I tried to find information and solution, but i don't find solutions.
      Please help me...
      Best Regards.
      Thank you.