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    Help needed creating an MDB Container for WebSphere MQ XA Co

    Lyndon Livingstone Newbie


      I've implemented the WebSphere MQ JMS provider as per the wiki and yes, as the wiki states, MDB's using an XA connection factory never receive messages from WSMQ. Unfortunately for me, I can't stop here.

      So I've begun the task of creating a MDB container invoker which will solve this problem. The readme from the wiki states that the best solution would be to implement an MDB container invoker using JCA TX inflow "stuff". Unfortunately there is no free JCA resource adapter for MQ. I did find a commercial one here http://www.sun.com/software/connectors/iway_webspheremq.xml. So it looks like I will need to try the other suggestion (unless someone has a better idea) of writing a new MDB container invoker that does synchronous Receiver.receive() calls to get messages.

      Anyways, I've cloned the JMSContainerInvoker and JMSContainerInvokerMbean and renamed them by putting a WSMQ in front of the names. I've removed some JBossMQ specific stuff when creating destinations and a couple other minor mods. I've built and tested and they are ok so far.

      Now I need to do the change suggested in the wiki. Can somebody help by filling in some details. I'm guessing the suggested change is in the OnMessage method? Are there any other classes I'll need to change? Is there a better way to do this.

      Any help is greatly appreciated. I will contribute everything back and I've also already modified the MBean code in the wiki to support topics and durable subscriptions and tested.