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    Session timeout, acegi and a4j

    Simon Andresen Newbie

      We're trying to find a solution to a problem we're stuck on and we hope that someone here might be able to help as it has to do with a4j.

      We're using Richfaces, A4J and acegi.

      The problem:
      When a user's session times out on the server and then the user tries to click on an a4j:command button acegi sends an ordinary redirect to the login page. It seems as if a4j on the client does not expect this as the a4j:log shows it parsing the whole login page and then complaining at the lack of ajax response headers. A blank page is displayed in the browser.

      Where we're not using AJAX everything works fine, and the user is redirected to the login page as intended. The same is true when we use Firefox (even with AJAX!). But sadly we're tied to IE as this is what our users use.

      Is this something A4J.AJAX.onExpired can help us with? We've tried creating our own AuthenticationProcessingFilterEntryPoint, and in the case of an ajax request creating our own response. But what kind of response triggers the A4J.AJAX.onExpired?

      Any ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!