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    Problem with a4j:jsFunction data=

    Beletsky Andrey Newbie

      When I use a4j:jsFunction:

       <a4j:jsFunction name="getWork" ajaxSingle="true"
       oncomplete="alert('cool!')" />
      <script ...>

      class Work implements Serializable {
       private int id;
       private int fromHour;
       private int countHours;
       private String state;
       public int getId() {
       return id;
       public void setId(int id) {
       this.id = id;
       public int getFromHour() {
       return fromHour;
       public void setFromHour(int fromHour) {
       this.fromHour = fromHour;
       public int getCountHours() {
       return countHours;
       public void setCountHours(int countHours) {
       this.countHours = countHours;
       public String getState() {
       return state;
       public void setState(String state) {
       this.state = state;

      javax.servlet.ServletException: Property 'countHours' has no getter method at javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet.service(FacesS...

      Please, help to understand this problem and give me same decision of this problem.