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    premature start of message delivery to MDB

    Domingos Creado Newbie

      Hi All,

      I´m using a Queue to dispatch millions of messages (per month) to a MDB pool in a cluster of 4 3.2.6 nodes. The JMS is running over Singleton Service.
      The ear file that is deployed is somewhat huge, and during the deploy of it´s EJBs a message driven bean is deployed and the connection with JMS is started before all ejb´s in ear be deployed.
      This lead the MDB to fail to find others EJBs and so on....

      Problably using PrefixDeploymentSorter that could be resolved, but I will have to change all ejb jar names and all manifest files.. which is a very tedious job.

      Looking at jboss source code I figure out that JMSContainerInvoker starts the JMS connection at the end of startService(). Could it wait for any signal, like SubDeployer.STARTED_NOFITICATION or Server.START_NOTIFICATION_TYPE ??

      Best Regards